Sixth Concert – Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 5 pm

The Omni Quartet

Yung-Min Amy Lee, violin
Alicia Koelz, violin
Joanna Zakany, viola
Tanya Ell, cello

Their name evokes phrases like “everything,” “all,” and “without limits.” In more ways than one, the founding members of The Omni Quartet are true to their word. As members of the illustrious Cleveland Orchestra, Jung-Min Amy Lee, violin, Alicia Koelz, violin, Joanna Zakany, viola, and Tanya Ell, cello, have graced some of the grandest venues in the world — Carnegie Hall, Vienna’s Musikverein, The Kennedy Center. When performing as The Omni Quartet, they honor chamber music in its purest form by rendering the emotional multitudes of a full orchestra into an experience that is at once intimate and immediate.

The Omni Quartet, comprised of Amy Lee and Alicia Koelz, violins, Joanna Zakany, viola, and Tanya Ell, cello, are all members of The Cleveland Orchestra. Formed in 2009, they have toured the world’s greatest venues as members of the orchestra, including Carnegie Hall, the Edinburgh Festival, Vienna’s Musikverein, The Kennedy Center, and the Salzburg Festival. Each member of the group brings a seasoned career to the mix, striving to give concert goers a more personal experience of what individual musicians in the Cleveland Orchestra are all about: getting to the heart of the music and communicating it to the listener with a legacy of precision that has been handed down for generations. This versatile group plays concerts regularly in the greater Cleveland area, as well as branching off to do innovative concerts in alternative venues, from playing at Cleveland’s Happy Dog to playing in the Hall of Mirrors at the Primate’s Palace for the Ambassador of Bratislava.